La Caja China is a roasting box that is most popular for pig roasts. We’ve used one a few times for big family gatherings and it really is one of the easiest ways to cook a whole pig. Following the instructions exactly as written gets the best results as the design and method have been perfected over a few decades. The basic steps are written on the side of the box, pictured below.

La Caja China Instructions

The beauty of La Caja China is that it cooks your whole pig in just four hours. No guessing game. If you’re using the correct amount of charcoal and not opening the box to peek at the pig, it will be perfectly cooked in 4 short hours. The last half hour is where you flip the pig to get that amazing crispy skin.

At Orlando Meats, we maintain the Model #2 in stock. This is the most popular model and it’s¬†suitable for a pig up to 100 lbs. The materials are good, durable, and made here in the USA. It’s a wonderful product and we’re happy to recommend it. More details on the Model #2 are below.


La Caja China Model #2

La Caja China Model #2
Product Code: LCC-G101

Our Price: $379.99

Convenience: You have the flexibility of roasting a small or large Pig, Lamb or Goat
Quality: Made in the USA Spare parts available
Durability: 15-18 years if properly cared for
Versatility: 16-18 whole Chickens, 4-6 Turkeys, 8-10 Pork Ribs Slabs, 8-10 Pork Shoulders etc, etc…
The following items are included:
  • Large Dripping Pan
  • 2 Stainless Steel Meat Racks
  • 4 S/S Hooks
  • 1 Marinating Syringe
  • 6 S/S Metal Handles
  • 1 Charcoal Grid
  • 1 Ash Tray
  • 2 Large Box Handles
  • Assembly & Roasting Instruccions
  • 4 Aluminum Frames
  • 4 Solid Plastic Wheels