We are thankful for the amazing farmers we work with that supply us with the freshest and tastiest pasture-raised turkeys in Central Florida. The folks at Wholesome Conversions Farm in Weirsdale are currently raising Heritage White turkeys for Thanksgiving 2017 and we are now taking pre-orders. Just like the chickens we source, these birds are raised entirely on pasture without hormones or antibiotics. By roaming freely on pasture the meat results in a richer and more robust flavor when compared to traditional store bought turkeys. Furthermore, these turkeys are harvested the week before Thanksgiving and never frozen. It’s the freshest bird you can get! Ordering details are provided below.

How much are they?


What size are they?

You have two size ranges to choose from: Medium (15-18 lb) and Large (18-22 lb). We cannot guarantee an exact size.

Will it be fresh?

Yes! The turkeys will arrive fresh and be ready for pickup on Wednesday, November 22. We cannot provide turkeys earlier than November 22.

What is the deadline for ordering?

November 10. The earlier the better for the farm operation.

How do I order?

A deposit of $50.00 is required to reserve your turkey. Orders can be taken over the phone or in-store.

What are Heritage breeds?

Let’s look to The Livestock Conservancy for a good explanation:

Heritage breeds are traditional livestock breeds that were raised by our forefathers. These are the breeds of a bygone era, before industrial agriculture became a mainstream practice. These breeds were carefully selected and bred over time to develop traits that made them well-adapted to the local environment and they thrived under farming practices and cultural conditions that are very different from those found in modern agriculture.

Traditional, historic breeds retain essential attributes for survival and self-sufficiency – fertility, foraging ability, longevity, maternal instincts, ability to mate naturally, and resistance to diseases and parasites.

Learn more about Heritage Turkey here.