Locally Raised Grass-Fed Beef


We source 100% grass-fed Angus beef from Cowart Ranch in Sumterville, FL. Sides of beef are delivered weekly and we fabricate all cuts in-house.

Please call for availability. Because of our nose-to-tail approach to using the whole animal (and thus minimize waste), not all cuts are available all the time and we sell out regularly. It is best to place an order in advance for high-demand steaks and other specialty cuts. With notice, we can get you the exact cut you’re looking for fresh from the farm.


Price per lb

Ribeye 24
NY Strip 20
Tenderloin 29
Skirt 18
Denver 17
Velvet 15
Flat Iron 14
Vegas 16
Top Sirloin 19
Porterhouse 26
Bavette (Flap) 19
Picanha (Sirloin Cap) 19


Price per lb

Brisket 10
Tenderloin 28
Chuck 12
Round 9
Prime Rib 20
Tri Tip 15
Sirloin Tip 12

The Rest

Price per lb

Ground Beef 6
Short Ribs 9
Stew Beef 9
Shank 7
Oxtail 10
Liver / Heart / Kidney 10
Fat / Suet 7
Bones 6