Lamb & Goat

We source grass-fed lamb and goat from Walton Farm in Summerfield, FL.

Please call for availability. Because of our nose-to-tail approach to using the whole animal (and thus minimize waste), not all cuts are available all the time and we sell out regularly. It is best to place an order in advance for high-demand steaks and other specialty cuts. With notice, we can get you the exact cut you’re looking for fresh from the farm.

Lamb Cuts

Price per lb

Loin Chop 25
Rib Chop 25
Shoulder / Leg Chops 15
Leg 18
Shoulder Roast 16
Shank 9
Ground Lamb 12
Stew Meat 12
Liver / Heart / Kidney 10

Goat Cuts

Price per lb

Stew Meat 9
Ground Goat 12
Leg 10
Loin Chops 13