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Skirt steaks and bavettes in stock! Get your grill ready!


Orlando Meats is whole animal butcher shop and restaurant born out of a deep appreciation for good food. Our relationships with local producers ensure we get the best quality, natural proteins using sustainable practices. As a nose-to-tail operation, we carry everything from popular steak cuts, to fat, bones, and organ meat.

Our commitment to quality food extends to our restaurant which features our award-winning burger and other inventive dishes. We use mostly local and seasonal ingredients in addition to the pasture-raised meats from our butcher. Using a ground-up approach to cooking, we make almost everything from scratch including bread and noodles to create memorable dishes with exciting flavors. Enjoy our food for breakfast through dinner and try us for brunch on the weekends!















The quality of meat is tied directly to what the animals eat, and our partners farms grow a diverse range of grasses and legumes to ensure that they have the nutrients they need. The animals are always free to roam on pasture, the way nature intended, and they are never treated with hormones or growth-promoting antibiotics. Quality like this requires stress-free lives and natural diets. Our animals are happy and healthy, and the process can’t be rushed.

The result is the most flavorful meat in the world, cut by our expert butchers, and celebrated by our talented chefs.