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Skirt steaks and bavettes in stock! Get your grill ready!


Orlando Meats is whole animal butcher shop and restaurant born out of a deep appreciation for good food. Our relationships with local producers ensure we get the best quality, natural proteins using sustainable practices. As a nose-to-tail operation, we carry everything from popular steak cuts, to fat, bones, and organ meat.

Our commitment to quality food extends to our restaurant which features our award-winning burger and other inventive dishes. We use mostly local and seasonal ingredients in addition to the pasture-raised meats from our butcher. Using a ground-up approach to cooking, we make almost everything from scratch including bread and noodles to create memorable dishes with exciting flavors. Enjoy our food for breakfast through dinner and try us for brunch on the weekends!














Diet / Portion Control

Regardless of your diet or family feeding habits, we got you covered.

If your personal or family diet contains beef. pork, chicken or turkey, we do the selection, cutting and packing for you. 3oz or 6oz portions of premium animal protein only when you need them, fresh or frozen, your choice.. Bigger sizes available upon request.

Chose from our sample options, you will not be disappointed.

In beef, we only use the full Ribeye or New York Strip to cut our 3 to 6oz steaks, from the pork we only cut from the center of the striploin giving you the options for tenderloin, Ribeye or pork Porterhouse. From our poultry, we cut from the best of the breast and dark meat, your choice, skin or skinless, you make the call.

Our beef steaks are cut into medallion for easy handling and presentation, but also allows you to cook them all the way from Rare to well done without overcooking them. Pork and chickens are presented the same way buy may require more cooking.

Diet is not only about eating less but eating quality. Make your family happy, we take the guess work out of the picture.

Basic points:

Our cuts are all in medallions for two reasons:

Easy to cut at 3oz and easy to cook to taste - Medallions are 1 to 1.5in thick depending on the cut.

3oz medallions are a good size for kids and some diets - If you want more, just eat two - We will cut them in 8 and 10oz upon request.

You can order the whole Ribeye or New York striploin and order the OM cuts, that way you can have more flexibility in terms of roasts and steaks (See the Sub-primal Cuts and Combos section)