Full-Service Butcher

Our Shop

We source whole carcasses from local farms and ranches that follow humane practices and raise their animals on pasture whenever possible. We believe this produces higher quality meat that is better for the environment and our customers.

  • Whole animal butchery
  • Grass-fed and pastured meats sourced when possible
  • Ethically-raised meats
  • No hormones, antibiotics, or pesticides
  • House-made sausages, fresh cut steaks, roasts, bones, organ meats, & fat
  • Ready-to-eat foods, prepared meals, sauces, broths, and pickles

    Special Orders

    We accept special orders for any cut you can think of! As a whole animal butcher, we can make custom cuts of any size. Please complete this form and give us a description of what you're looking with details regarding weight, bone-in/boneless, fat on/off, etc. We'll be able to provide a quote via e-mail or can discuss over the phone.

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