Chuck Roll

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Chuck Roll (1116A) Average weight 22lbs.

Perhaps the most versatile and select sub-primal, great ground beef, grilling steaks, cubed meat and roasts.

What you get on a 18lbs piece.

2.5lbs Boneless Country-Style Ribs

2.0lbs Chuck Eye Roast - Nicely formed and tied

1.5lbs Sierra Steak

2.5lbs Denver Steaks (A grilling favorite)

3.0lbs Cube Steaks or Ground Beef

3.0lbs Ground Beef

1.5lbs Delmonico Steaks (Where the Rib-Eye start)

2.0lbs Chuck Eye Roll Steaks

Ending weight on individual cuts will change and are only approximate as every piece is different, we do our best in maintaining a consistent size across all cuts.

Please include any special request with your order and we will accommodate as much as possible. Each Roll is Butchered once ordered and available for same day delivery or pickup.

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