Dog Food Blend (Single Package)

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Place your order online and pick-up in 24 hours! Online price $8.75 per lb (In-store $9.00 per lb.).

Food for dogs you can eat yourself!
We love our pets as much as you do.

We have combined a balanced formula with no additives or preservatives and no flavoring or coloring agents. Made weekly in-house, all blends are vacuum sealed and frozen to preserve nutrients.

Our base mix is equal amounts of rice cooked in real home-made broth, vegetables, eggs and a selection of Beef, Chicken/Turkey, Pork or Lamb.

As a complement and supplement, we offer our blend of Organ Mix composed of liver, kidney and beef trimmings sourced from our own butchery operation.

Our 1 lb. packages can be served “as is” or combined with your dog’s favorite food either as a transition to a “know what you eat” formula or simply as a nutritional supplement to their current diet.

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